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We have a high demand for all of our Childcare Services. Please register your children on our waiting list, so we can reserve their admission as soon as space becomes available.

Our child care services provide safe, enriching environments for children from infancy to preschool.

Our caring team of early childhood educators connect with your children and create stimulating, inclusive and supportive programming that helps them to reach their full potential!

We base our programmes on daily observations by teachers so we can be responsive to a child’s interests and needs, and create activities and projects that equal to meaningful learning experiences.

Our spaces are welcoming, attractive, and engaging to children with airy rooms, natural light and child-sized furniture. We provide children with a wide range of stimulating open-ended materials, toys and resources designed to help children explore, investigate and use their imaginations. Our outdoor spaces provide fresh air play time for all age groups.

Our expert instructors know what children are capable of learning and how they learn effectively. We use this knowledge to develop goals for children’s learning and development that are age appropriate and unique to each child’s personality.

Our child care sites include:

Solaris site
141 Village Green Square, Toronto ON M1S 0L3

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Cliffcrest site
2938 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto ON M1J 2E4

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Activities by age group

All the children in our care participate in activities appropriate to their age group. Here are some details about our groups:


  • Our programme is designed for children 2 months of age to 18 months.
  • Infant rooms provide a nurturing and safe space that promotes security and contentment.
  • Teachers respond to babies’ individual needs, interests, abilities and emotions.
  • Infants eat, sleep and play according to individual needs.
  • Teachers encourage infants to actively explore their world and interact with others through sensory development, active exploration and activities including music, exercise, interactive play and story time.


  • Our programme is designed for children 18 months to 30 months.
  • Teachers work with parents to provide a nurturing environment for each child based on their unique needs and personalities.
  • We create a learning environment focused on a variety of experiences and activities, including science, music, language skills, dramatic play, art, building blocks and exercise.
  • Toddlers learn at their own pace and experiment with both individual activities and cooperative play, with an aim to developing self-confidence and self-help in preparing for future classroom learning.


  • Our programme is designed for children 30 months to 4 years.
  • Programme activities engage children to learn in a safe, fun way, using their imaginations and exploring the world at their own pace but also designed to ensure kindergarten readiness.
  • Teachers work with parents to create learning opportunities geared towards the child’s interests and personality.
  • Preschoolers continue to develop early literacy and language skills and begin pre-reading, basic math concepts, and scientific inquiry learning.
  • Children engage in an abundance of arts and crafts, games science/nature and multicultural activities.
  • Children develop gross motor skills through indoor activities and outside play.
  • Children develop positive self-esteem and social skills such as cooperative problem-solving, following directions and showing respect for others.


Our staff come from diverse backgrounds but are united by their caring nature and their love for children! All our staff have excellent qualifications, including:

  • a required degree or diploma in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Education or other ministry-approved degree
  • training in First Aid/CPR Level “C”
  • a passion for ongoing professional development and skills training through workshops, seminars and conferences

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our children is of highest importance at all our centres. Our health and safety features include:

  • security cameras and observation windows to monitor visitors in and out of the building
  • careful supervision of children throughout their time with us
  • equipment and fall surface maintenance in all of our outdoor spaces
  • training in First Aid/CPR Level “C”
  • strict infection prevention and control policies and procedures
  • enhanced environmental cleaning and disinfection